Rahim Razmgir

Javascript Projects

"Do it with passion, or not at all."            

- Rosa Nouchette Carey            


User's name is taken by a prompt and the user picks an item from a new browser window for their favorite home and car. The entered data is then displayed on this page.

"Project 1"

  Hi there,

  Your dream home is:

  Your favorite car is:


In this project, the user will create a story by answering a few questions i.e. entering some information as prompted. The story will be made using tha information and changes each time the program is run and gets new information.

"Project 2"

Create a unique short story...


In this project, the user will receive a random fortune based on "how fast" they decide to see their fortune. (there're 3 sets of fortunes!)

"Project 3"

Know what your future holds...


This project is a game of 21 in which the computer plays the role of a dealer. The dealer has 2 random cards, one of which can be seen by the user. Each time the player or the dealer wins, they accumulate points and the one who gets to 200 points first, is the winner.

"Project 4"

Let's play


This project is a game of Tic Tac Toe simulation. In this game the user will compete against the comuter (my AI algorithm). The winner is the one who manages to place three of their marks or colors in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. This Javascript algorithm is written in a way that it won't lose as it picks the best possible square at every turn.

"Project 5"

Can you win against the computer?

Your color: O     Computer's color: O


In this project, the user will roll dice and both the user and the computer will get a pair of numbers representing dice face. If one gets a double, their points will be multiplied by two. The first person who accumulates at least 50 points is the winner of each game and the game can go on for unlimited number of games. The points table shows the points of each round, total points in a game and the total number of games won.

"Project 6"

Your dice

? & ?

Game Your points Computer's points
This round
Total points
Total games